TEXAS JEWELRY & LOAN Est. 1980 Need a Loan? Give us a Ring! 972-424-9207
TEXAS JEWELRY & LOANEst. 1980         Need a Loan? Give us a Ring! 972-424-9207

Texas Jewelry & Loan is a family owned pawn shop that has been in business since 1980! 35 years later, Ben & Donna are still the proud owners of this successful shop and have employed other family members as well. So when you come in and get to know everyone, you truely are part of a family. Their goal is to help others in times of need whether it be through a loan, or providing merchandise at a discounted cost. Everyone at Texas Jewelry & Loan is willing to try and work with any situation you throw their way.






Donna Bridgefarmer




Donna is the Co-Owner of Texas Jewelry & Loan. Her and her husband Ben opened shop in Plano back in 1980 and have had great success helping people ever since! She enjoys coming to work every day because of the relationships she's gained with the customers; many customers have even started calling her "mom". For a loan or simply some good conversation, visit Texas Jewelry & Loan and ask for Donna.

Ben Bridgefarmer




Ben is the Co-Owner along with Donna. Ben specializes in the Jewelry here at Texas Jewelry & Loan. He is educated in determining the value of an item based on quality and condition, and is very good at what he does. All of the jewelry in our showcases has passed through his hands. You can trust that you will get the best value whether you are selling or purchasing here at Texas Jewelry & Loan, so feel free to ask for Ben if you have any questions!


Steve Bridgefarmer

Phone: 972 424-9207

Email: estatenet2000@yahoo.com



Steve is the son of Donna & Ben Bridgefarmer, the owners of Texas Jewelry & Loan, and has worked for the business for 16 years. He has a 4 year old daughter and 3 month old son with wife Rebecca,  and loves working for the shop. He is very knowledgeable in each area of the shop, and especially enjoys talking about and selling guns due to his love for hunting. Feel free to ask for him when you come in!

Chris Fodor

Phone: 972-424-9207

Customer Service


Chris has worked for Texas Jewelry & Loan for over 20 years! Anyone who sets foot in the store will notice Chris immediately due to his enthusiasm and love for what he does. He is a man of many specialties whether it be fixing anything you throw his way, painting elaborate scenes on our windows or entertaining any offer that comes in the store. He's always here so come on by!

Rebecca Bridgefarmer

Phone: 972-424-9207

Pawn Broker


Rebecca is married to Steve, and has been working for Texas Jewelry & Loan since 2013. She spends most of her time selling on Ebay, but would also be a great person to request if interested in any of the many jewelry pieces we have here at the shop! She is very technology savvy so if you have any computers or electronics you would like to bring in, she will be the person to help you!

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